November 14, 2023

Alterscope: Revolutionizing Risk Management in Web 3.0

Emily Tremblay
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Alterscope (formerly Solity Network) has unveiled its Web 3.0 Risk Infrastructure, providing support for protocol teams and investment firms. With the highly interconnected nature of decentralized financial ecosystems, systemic risks are a major concern. Alterscope aims to address this issue and make the crypto industry smarter and more transparent.

Alterscope: Revolutionizing Risk Management in Web 3.0

The Risk Infrastructure

Alterscope's risk infrastructure offers several key features:

  • Transparency on critical interdependencies between protocols, digital assets, and underlying blockchains
  • Real-time risk processing for protocol teams and investment firms
  • In-depth due diligence on protocols
  • Customizable risk scores
  • Monitoring of critical protocol events in real-time

The Vision

Alterscope's vision is to enable collective intelligence and prevent systemic risk in tomorrow's financial systems. By creating transparency around decentralized protocols and enabling diversification at the technical-fundamental level, Alterscope aims to amplify internal risk control processes.

Benefits for Protocol Teams and Investment Firms

Alterscope offers several benefits for protocol teams and investment firms:

  • Automatized risk management
  • Actionable insights on protocol-related risks
  • Faster and more reliable protocol integration decisions
  • Transparency for protocol stakeholders
  • Risk-adjusted vault and portfolio rebalancing
  • Access to clean and trustworthy crypto data
  • Improved trading algorithms
  • Novel risk primitives in DeFi


Alterscope is on a mission to establish itself as the leader in real-time risk intelligence for the digital assets space. By setting high standards and providing accurate risk assessment in one place, Alterscope gives decentralized and centralized entities the confidence to navigate decentralized economies.

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